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  1. Tiger Barb Floating Upside Down and Hiding

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hi! I am new here so I hope I am posting where I need to post. So I have a question. How normal is it for a new tiger barb to start floating upside down and hiding and WHY do they do this? When another fish swims by him or anything moves him he flips over and swims just fine but otherwise he...
  2. Am I overstocked? Suggestions?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I'm making plans to start up a 20 gal long, heavily planted freshwater tank. I'm obsessed with catfish, so here's the list: 6 Sterbai Cory Cats (2.5 inch each) 3 Oto Cats (2 inch max) ...and possibly 1-3 Upsidedown Cats (4 inch max) My main concern regards the Upsidedown Cats. I've read that...
  3. whats wrong with my goldfish?? :(

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    i have a 10 gallon tank with 4 goldfish, 2 dragon fish, and 1 pleco. recently i noticed that one of my goldfish had red streaks by/on its fins.. now 3 of them have the red streaks (counting the first one.) whats it from and is there anyway i can help them?? and also my one fantail goldfish...
  4. Upside Down Red Tailed Black Shark

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Kind of an odd issue here but it's something that's started to occur lately. I have a female RTBS in my tank and lately she's taken to living in her cave more. On top of this she spends a great deal of time in it upside down. No signs of distress, excellent color, still eating, and spend about...