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  1. Anabantids
    This morning I noticed a white spot on my dwarf gourami. It looked like a fungus as it looked like it was a bit "fuzzy" at a glance before I went to work. I know that is easy to treat and usually from water quality issues; I do 50% changes weekly and am only 3 days out from last water change so...
  2. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello guys I saw some planaria worms in my 20 litre shrimps tank and i got the product no planaria from Genchem i want an easy way to calculate the dosage for the volume 20 litres the instructions says : 0-24 Hours 1 scoop for 50 litres 24-48 hours 0.5 scoop 49-72 hours 0.25 scoop If there...
  3. Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have a newish guppy I got from a store that developed what looks like saddleback columnaris. I didn't have any Furan-2 on hand, so I have been treating it with good success with Kanaplex (it's looking way way better, all the "fuzzy tendrils" are gone and now it's just a flat pale spot again)...
  4. Cichlids
    Hello Can you please identify the white bit on our parrot fish body (pictured) and how to cure her? She has been with this for weeks, and it seems growing. We change her water in two weeks usually. The water parameters are normal. TIA,
  5. Tropical Fish Diseases
    I recently had a Tiger Barb die from dropsy. Symptoms were extended fins, eyes popped out more than normal as well as a distended body. I moved him out of the main 55 gal before he died. As a preventive, I did a water change and have started dosing with melafix and pimafix. Is there anything...
  6. Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have a 73 gallon tank with approximately 20 freshwater fish in it consisting of 3 Clown loaches, 2 Royal Spotted Hill Trout, 2 Sumatran Two Spot Catfish, 3 Blue Acaras, 2 baby Plecos, 3 Purple Loaches, and 5 black angelfish. Running a Fluval 405 and an Eheim G3, the Eheim I just added...
  7. Tropical Fish Diseases
    today I started treating my fish for gill flukes with praziquantel tablets. I'm following this treatment schedule reccomended by Lupin : 25/7 -- remove carbon, perform water change with vacuuming, and add Prazi to tank 26/7 -- add Prazi 27/7 -- do nothing 28/7 -- do nothing 29/7 -- do nothing...
  8. Tropical Fish Diseases
    what are your suggestions about the best treatments for gill flukes? it has to be safe for corys. i'm sick at the moment myself :( so i probably wont be able to get anything for a few days anyway, i just hope the fish are alright until then.
1-8 of 9 Results