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  1. Freshwater Shrimp
    I'm not sure if this happens to anybody with shrimp, but every now and then, when it becomes feeding time, sometimes I see one of my ghost shrimp swim up to the top and grab one of flakes to eat while on either on the leaves of one of my plants or one of my decorations. Not sure if this is one...
  2. Cichlids
    Hey again all, So I'm having a little issue with "Jackie" my female Jack Dempsey. I have had her since around May and she's always been top dog in our tank. I have a 55G with 2 Jack Dempseys, a Blood Parrot and a Pleco. The second Jack Dempsey was brought home at the end of June and at first...
  3. Anabantids
    yeah i have a powder blue gourami who has been staying at the top of the tank for like the past month or so. I'm really not sure why. I just did a water change this Sunday, thinking that there was something wrong in the water, but he still stays up there. Now i know that they are top dwelling...
1-3 of 3 Results