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  1. Tetras!!!?

    hello everyone, i just needed some help with fish in my tank. well actually thats the problem i dont have any, well i do and its a pair of kribs and a pair of bolivian rams and 6 cories 1 pleco and 6 guppies, i was looking to purchase like to different groups of characins or schooling fish. my...
  2. stocking help for 15 gallon

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I know i haven't been on here for ages... haha i feel like i start every thread on this site this way! Anyway, recently i've started thinking about stocking my tank again. My stocking plan for some time has been this: 6 cherry barbs, a bristlenose pleco and my existing golden gourami. This is in...
  3. Found my Rubber-lip pleco pleco dead today :(

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    So at feeding time this evening, I saw my rubber-lip pleco in the front of the tank and was surprised! I thought he finally is starting to venture out in the tank. Then I saw another fish bump into him and he didn't move... Admittedly, there were a lot of changes made to the tank. I got him...
  4. Tetras causing lot of stress

    I have been have always had various questions about my fish, and have finally decided to join a forumn rather than searching the internet, as google seems to have an array of various contradicting answers. I have two questions: I just bought 8 tetras about two days ago and put them into my...
  5. Tetras shoaling

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I've read about having around 6+ Tetras for shoaling. Will different types of Tetras shoal together? i.e. Black Neon Tetras and regular Neon Tetras? Thanks
  6. Help! Tetra attacking others

    I have had the same 4 tetras together for over 6 months I came home from vacation and one was missing. I later found his remains and yesterday one was swimming funny when I noticed the other tetra was attacking him so I removed the sick one thinking he was hurting him because he was sick. Is it...
  7. Sexing Bleeding heart Tetras and questions on mating

    Fish Breeding
    I have 3 bleeding heart tetras and just noticed they seem to be rubbing on each other? Do they lay eggs? Are they live bearers? Two of them look a little redder than the third, I'm thinking they are the males?? 30 gal freshwater 2 Pink Kissing gourami 3 Bleeding heart tetras 1 White tetra 2...
  8. Need advice on aquarium compatibility

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I'm starting my first aquarium, it's a tropical ten gallon. I really want a little catfish, like a cory, and some little ghost shrimp. The other fish I'm not sure about, but I don't want anything that will eat the shrimp! I was thinking of a few guppies (top swimmers) A few neon tetras...
  9. Yellow Buenos Aires Tetra

    Hey everyone, I have a small school of Buenos Aires Tetras in my aquarium, and one of them has all lemon yellow fins... Am I correct in assuming this is a male? This was the first yellow Buenos Aires I'd ever seen, as all the others I've seen seem to have red or only partial yellow fins. Is...
  10. Need help

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I have 4 tetras in 10 gallons tank, had them for a year. lately i start to experience two issues what i suspect are connected. issue-1 All tetras are keep moving there mouths. kinda resembling heavy breathing. It couldn't be oxygen -- it's only 4 of them in the tank. And air filter seem to be...
  11. Zebra Loach

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I just got a Zebra Loach and 2 Clown loaches and 3 cardinal tetras a couple days ago. And one other fish but I forget the name. I was wondering if I should get another zebra loach so he won't be the only one in there. Also I was wondering if I should get some sort of cave that the zebra loach...
  12. Red eye tetra with dropsy?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hey everyone, I've returned... kinda? lol. Anyhoo.... I noticed wh en I came home from work today one of my red eye tetras is swimming at the very surface of the water.. back and forth pretty rapidly with his tail end upward and his face kinda shovelling.... if that makes any sense.. it seems...
  13. Just got my API freshwater master test kit... read inside please.

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    So I did my first test today, and I do have some questions. First I'll show my results here.. Low range PH test: 7.6 High range PH test: 8.2 NO2 Nitrite test: 0PPM NO3 Nitrate test: 40? Might be less. Ammonia test: Was between 0 and .25 PPM. I believe these are all accurate. Now for my...