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  1. Please help a newbie out

    Ancient Fish
    Hello everyone! I'm new into the hobby and I've started with a 29 gallon tank. I hate myself for this, but I guess I didn't do as much research as I needed so I need your help. I started my tank 3 weeks ago with Stability by Seachem for a week to start with the bacteria build up. The parameters...
  2. Newbie

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi :fish: I am new to this, setting up my 1st tank (I have a JEBO R338) I want to get some tetras and a bottom feeder How many tetras would be suitable and what type of bottom feeder?
  3. 29 gallon tank stocking for low maintnence

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    look i bought a 29 gallon last week but i am unable to keep it at my house due to my floors being old and weak so im going to set it up at family members till i have somewhere to put it myself im looking for fish with a low bioload ill have a spongfilter and a tetra whisper 30-60 hob filter and...
  4. Unintentional Neon Tetra breeding!

    So today a short while after I turned the lights on my tanks to feed everyone breakfast, I saw some interesting behavior in my neons. Yep, sure enough they were breeding. I have a planted 10g full of cyanobacteria [ugh], 3 nerite snails, and 1male betta. I've had four of my neons for about 2...
  5. Substitute Pre-Filter for Tetras

    I'm planning to buy some tetras, mainly neon or cardinal, sometime this weekend to go with my Male Betta in my 20gal tank, but my main concern is my power filter because it is strong enough to suck anything small enough through the vent like small fish and shrimp. The problem is that the local...
  6. Neon Tetras with white 'patches' and 'torn' fins

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I've had my neon tetras for a few months and noticed recently that the two females had 'torn' or 'eaten' fins and tails, as well as some white patches on their sides which looked to me like lost scales. I just assumed that one of the others had been nibbling on them, but I've never seen that...
  7. Cloudy 10 gal fishtank with guppies and sand

    I was thinking about getting some guppies and putting them with neon tetras and maybe a sucker fish and some ghost shrimp but I don't know if the 10 gal I am gonna get is big enough? Also I want to use sand because I heard it helps the ph but the person I am buying the fishtank from is having...
  8. Starting new tank, how long can fish stay in a bag?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So I've cycled my new 20 gallon tank, and I want to place mollies and swordtails together. I have two questions, though. I've gotten mixed messages on whether this is a good idea; some say they're great together, others say it was awful. Will the two work well together? Also, I was thinking...
  9. "Gee, Honey, it's BIG": My 75 gallon freshwater journey

    Freshwater Journals
    Hello and welcome to my attempt to chronical my freshwater tank journey from 10 gallons to 75 gallons. I have some technical issues to resolve (starting with making all my pictures less than 2MB) but my intention is to tell my story just for the fun of it. I've admired other tank threads on this...
  10. longstanding finrot problem

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I suppose I ought to start this post with some background on my tank and fishkeeping skills before anything else, since it's highly likely people who haven't been following my discussions on this site over the years may read this post. Tank size: 15 gallons established since: June 2010 temp: 26...
  11. Blue Cichlids

    Hello ! We just bought ourselves a pair of blue zebra cichlids. they're 1/2 an inch now and they're in a 1X1/2x1/2 tank with six other guppies. i have a bigger tank with a rainbow shark (3 inches) , a pair of kissing gouramis (3 inches) and a neon tetra with a glowtail tetra. i need help...
  12. how should i stock my 55 gallon?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    heres a few ideas of mine 55 gallon One comet goldfish 55 gallon 35 neon tetras 55 gallon 10 tiger barbs 1 rainbow shark 1 convict chiclid 55 gallon Black sand 12 rummynose tetras 12 cardinal or neons 12 corys two species 2 gbr 10 cherry shrimp 55 gallon Two electric blue jack dempseys 55...
  13. Problems with my new tank/tetras

    Ok, so I just set up my new 36 gallon tank, this is my first tank. I set everything up and ran the tank for a week before getting any fish. I bought 3 red long fin minor tetras on Monday. They adjusted fine for the first two days. Then started a problem. One is big, one small, and medium sized...
  14. Are my tetras stressed?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi, I just set up my first real aquarium last week and put my fish in last night. They seem to be doing great, but I worry about their numbers. I purchased three black skirts and three red belly x-ray tetras. They are close to the same size, and they are in a 15 gallon tank. When I first put...
  15. 2 small schools or 1 big school?

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hi! I'm still stocking my 29 gal community tank, and was wondering: which will look better, two small schools of 4-6 neon tetras and 4-6 zebra danios, or one big school of 8-12 tetras or danios? I really want them to school, but I don't think they will be very scared in my tank, because it is a...
  16. Black Tetra Compatibility

    So, in my 10 gallon tank I have 3 black skirt tetras. In a few weeks, once my cycle is done/almost done, I want to get 3 more fish, so that I could have a proper "shoal." So, my question is- Would penguin tetras shoal with my skirt tetras? If not, is the only option skirt tetras? I like the...
  17. New Tank - Fish Dying

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello all, Brand new to this forum, glad to find it. I've had a Betta for a while now in a 1 gallon tank, I bought him at a Petsmart and upon doing a bit of research I found a 1 gallon was WAY too small for him. We'd been talking about getting a 'real' tank, so Friday night we went to an...
  18. HOB or Canister for 20g?

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    I have a 20 gallon tall tank and I am planning on building a stand for it this weekend. The stand will be made to accomodate the filter so I would like to know what kind of filter would be best for my tank before I build the stand. This will be a heavily planted tank with some tetras and a...
  19. Help with stocking my 60 gallon aquarium?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    :-P Ok so it is a 60 gallon long, has 2 aqueon quiet flow 30 filters, a heater, 2 inches of natural gravel, fake and live plants and a tetra whisper 80 with 2 4 inch airstones hooked up. So my question is are any of these stocking options good? Option 1: 2 threespot gourami 2 gold gourami 2...
  20. six tetras for a fifty five gallon

    heey i have a55g with odessa barbs, rasbora(harlaquin),guppies,betta, bolivian rams,kribs,cories,plec im looking for a school of colorful tetras that will school and be peacful could you give me some advice? i really like black neons!!!