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  1. Praecox tankmates?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi all, so I am about to set up my new 190L/50gal high tech planted tnak, with a 60l/15gal sump. I am adding 10 praecox rainbows, 6 otocinclus, and then I am unsure of anything else. I can't keep shrimp as they are illegal in New Zealand, but I was wondering if anyone has any cool ideas of...
  2. New Tank!! Suggestions for guppy tankmates?

    Just bought an awesome 29 gal hex tank... So pumped to get this stocked! Waiting a week or two depending on how fast cycling goes... My 55 gallon has been set up with plants since 2011 and currently there is a constant new addition or two of red cherry barb babies, usually after a largish water...