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  1. Possible tank mate(s) for the lone tiger barb?

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hello, A few weeks ago, I had 5 tiger barbs in a 29 gallon with 3 kuhli loaches and a rainbow stiphodon. This was my first time keeping tiger barbs and I don't think I'll try it again. They did the normal barb thing of establishing pecking order, but all that nipping eventually lead to fin...
  2. German Blue rams and cichlids

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello everyone i have a 65 gallon tank with 4 German blue rams and looking for cichlid options to stock it any recommendations?
  3. Puffer and Puffer tank mate help

    Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    Since I'm talking about puffers i placed this in advanced. So I need your people's help in telling me if the hairy puffer and dragon puffers could be tank mates in a heavily planted 55 gallon? I have not kept either of these particular Puffers before but have read multiple care sheets and...
  4. Picking Tank Mates Help

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello everyone, I am coming up with a list of fish i would like for stocking my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium (after it's cycled and what not) BUT! I need help to know if these fish are compatible. One type of fish i so desperately want is a puffer fish. I have taken care of green spotted's...
  5. Tank mates for Firemouth in 50 gal.

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi, I've got my new 50 gallon tank up and running and decided on trying out a Firemouth. I'm interested in the slightly more unusual behaviour of cichlids but don't really want to delve too far into the aggression territory. So with that in mind, and growth size too, I've opted for the single...
  6. Green tiger barb help please

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I started with 7 tiger barbs 4 regular and 3 green. I had them in a 20g tank and they fought till there was one left . so i returned him and got 8 baby green barbs and a 40g tank. i started the cycle on my 40g (fishless with ace ammonia) while they grew up in the 20g. my tank finished cycling...
  7. New to forum little help with my tank please

    Introduce Yourself
    I started with 7 tiger barbs 4 regular and 3 green. I had them in a 20g tank and they fought till there was one left :-?. so i returned him and got 8 baby green barbs and a 40g tank. i started the cycle on my 40g (fishless with ace ammonia) while they grew up in the 20g. my tank finished cycling...
  8. Aggresive Tomato Clown tankmates

    Saltwater Fish
    Well I recently bought fish to stock my near empty tank. I had two green reef chromis and added a mated pair of tomato clowns and a magenta dottyback. The dominate (female) started picking on the chromis and bit the fin off one of the chromis which led him to struggle to death...pretty...
  9. Getting Tank mates

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello, well, i have a 120Gl tank, long time ago used for my RES, but gave it away to a breeder. Now i have around 1/2 half years with fishes. Lets count... 1 Cat/Pleco, 5 Fancy Goldfist whites and golds 1 Black moor Goldfish, also fancy tailed. white tips on fins, coolest dude in there. 5 2...
  10. New to Cichlids (extremely low pH)

    I have a friend that has asked me to help her manage her 55 gallon aquarium that is mostly populated with African Cichilds. I have kept tropical and saltwater fish on and off for a couple of decades so I am not exactly green, but I have never managed a cichlid community before and I have grave...
  11. lonely auratus

    hello fish lovers! thanks for reading.....i have a 20 gal. long tank. I had started out with five cichlids and after 2 killings and one sever bruising i sent the last two brutes (socolofi & labryinthitis) back to the fish store and kept the badly attacked auratus to heal. I caught the attack...
  12. Thinking potential Corys

    Alright everyone, so here's the scoop. Right now I have a 20 gal long tank stocked with my chosen cycling fish; four regular Zebra Danios. So far they've all survived for a little more then a week without any obvious problems. As far as I can tell, at the moment they are all perfectly happy...
  13. New Tiger Barbs (Tank Mates, etc?)

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Tank: 20g High Filter: Tetra Whisper EX45 + Under gravel filter Airation: Back Bubble wand(Currently not working) + Large Waterfall(Working at full power :p ) Temperature: 79F with heater Lighting: Standard light set up inside hood Water Condition: Ammonia 0, pH 7, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0...
  14. New to shrimp keeping, MANY questions!

    Freshwater Shrimp
    Hi! I'm fairly new to the aquarium keeping hobby, so please forgive any noobiness and my many questions. Hope someone out there is nice enough to read all this and help me out. I bolded the main questions I have so that it'll be easier to refer to, or if you don't want to read the whole...
  15. Keeping otos and guppies together in the same tank?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I'm setting up a 5 gal tank right now for some guppies and otos, just waiting for it to cycle, and I am noticing that the temperature sits at around 25C (between 73-74 degrees F by my thermometer). During the day with the lights on it's usually one to 1.5 degrees higher in temp, and that drops...
  16. gold fish tank mates

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    i might begetting a 55 gallon tank to house my goldfish from my pond in the winter and was wondering what tankmates would be good.i would not put them into the pond,just the goldfish.
  17. 55 Gallon Tankmates and new here!

    Ancient Fish
    Hey sup all! New here to the forum and thought I would try and see what you all thought of this. I have a 55 gallon that right now that has 1 Albino Cory Cat 1 Golden Algae eater 2 silver dollars 1 Segenal Bichir (aka Godzilla!) Trying to see what would make a good tank mate(s) with these...