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  1. In Business for 38 years

    Introduce Yourself
    I am Kirit Vaitha. We are collectors and exporters of Tanganyika fish since 1980. Recently, we have also started collecting from Victoria and Malawi. We cover collections on the Tanganyika lake from Burundi to Zambia. We have found, discovered and re-discovered many fishes in the last 38 years...
  2. Tanganyika Cichlids

    Introduce Yourself
    I am Kirit Vaitha, owner of Aqua Products Limited. We are pioneers of re-starting collection and exports in 1980 and contributing many, many new cichlid species. Our website is AQUA PRODUCTS LIMITED - Home. Our friend, Mansur Fazal, has started a new firm in Canada and this is like our sister...
  3. Malawi tanganyika combo :O

    Kk so I know youll just say first off NO those lake don't mix but I trie to make a combination of cichlids that may be peaceful together... So can anyone help me stock this tank? Kk so first offi was divinely inspired by this video, and btw I'm on an iPad so idk if this vid will show up or not...
  4. Tanganyikan cookies :)

    Heey everybody I have yet another cookie cutter question :p So long story short.. I have a 55 gallon, and want to stock tanganyikans can anybody help? And just a few Side questions, can plants like Anubis, amazon swords and giant crypts be kept with tangs? And is there a possibility of some...
  5. Tanganyika biotope? :O

    Hey guys!! I have a 15 gallon hexagon! And I was wondering if I can make it a tanganyikan biotope tank? I know it doesn't have much floor space but what I I made a rock wall at the back? I would only purchase maybe some julidichromis or small cichlids like caudopunctaus or Shellie's or leleupi...