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tail rot

  1. Fin Rot and Tail Rot Disease Treatment

    Tropical Fish Diseases An informational video on the fast progressive Tail Rot and Fin Rot disease in fishes. The video shows how to identify the disease and the course of treatment for the same. Tell me if you think the video is helpful. Thank you guys. Click the link...
  2. Treating pygmy cory tail rot?

    Hi, I have 7 pygmy corys in a quarantine tank. They've been in there since Wednesday. Just now I noticed that one of them has lost its tail fin; it practically has no more tail. The other fins look fine. I cannot say for certain when this happened, because I haven't been looking at each of...
  3. Tail rot

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi everyone, Sorry to post this as I know it has been discussed several times. I have a black molly that suddenly developed tail rot (looks like it may already be spreading to his body adn his eye is cloudy). I am on my way to get the Maracyns, however, I will be leaving town for 3 days on...
  4. What are these mystery lumps eating my betta's tail and how can I treat them?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have had my betta for two years and a few months (so I realize that he is getting old), and for the past month and a half he has been having tail problems. At first I thought it was tail rot because his tail was being eaten away, but then whitish lumps developed at the site of the rot...