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  1. Synodontis Catfish compatibility with Kribensis

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello! I have two x 30 Gallon tanks. One of the tanks houses about 10-12 Kribensis. The other 30 gallon tank has about a 20 year old Synodontis Catfish. I am moving and for convenience sakes, am considering consolidating down to one 30 gallon tank. Are Synodontis Catfish and Kribensis...
  2. My Blood Parrots.

    Thought I would share some pictures of my 55 gallon housing a large Featherfin Synodontis and 4 Blood Parrots: Jelly Bean, Momo, Fawkes, and Hamlet.
  3. mixing catfish and loaches?

    okay so i have a 55 gallon with mbuna, and its been running for along time like 2 years, and i have 2 yoyo loaches and a synodontis decorus that have been there for the same amount of time, and i was wondering if your able to mix different kinds of synodontis species with my decorus? and same...
  4. syno RED LUMP on face: ADVICE?

    Hi-- I have 2 Synos (leopards, about 3 in.) that have survived for 3 years or so with no problems, though 6 cichlids in the tank died during that time. Today I noticed that the larger one (male?) has a swollen red lump (about 4-5 mm) under and behind 1 eye. He was also behaving oddly: usually...