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  1. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    My female swordtail has a red spot on her stomach near the anal fin what is that or does it mean??
  2. Invertebrates
    Hello, I have a tank of 74 liters with 3 swordtail fish and some plants but it's being filled with algae. I used to have a Chinese Algae Eater but it began to annoy my swords so I put it in another tank. Then I read that mystery snails are good cleaners but I was wondering if they are...
  3. Livebearers
    Hi! I recently bought a 15 gallon tank and was wondering if I had enough room for a few swordtails in it. I know that I'm going to have a few guppies (3-5), and I'm getting a male dalmation molly from my friend so I was thinking of buying a female so he wouldn't be lonely... with the guppies and...
  4. Livebearers
    Hi I am thinking of putting swordtails in my tank instead of platys. How many is the minimum amount of swordtails necessary for them to be happy? (my tank description is in my signature) I don't want any babies, cuz then I'll have to take care of them, so preferably I'd like to have all males...
  5. Fish Breeding
    Hola, I have a male and two female swordtails in my 29gallon tank. Theyve been living there for about a year now and they about 1.5-2 inches long. They've probably bred before, but the fry most likely got eaten by either the kribs or the barbs. Both of the females seem to be pregnant but I am...
  6. Livebearers
    So, I have three swordtails in my fish tank that I thought were all male unil a few days ago I found 3 little fry on the bottom of the tank. I found out online that they actually will eat all of the young if given the chance and I wanted to try and save the fry. Well, because it was late that...
1-6 of 6 Results