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  1. What happened to these 2 Swordtails ? [Detailed Pic]

    Hello friends, I have got 2 swordtails and I have them for 5-6 days . I told that shopkeeper to give 2 pregnant female swordtail. I don’t are these really pregnant or not This is my first time with this kind of fish. I did search the net about strange behavior of my fish. They don’t eat anything...
  2. Cross breeding live barers

    Fish Breeding
    I've been breeding fish for a bit now in different tanks but was wondering can i cross breed them? like breed a sword tail male with a sail fin molly female would this work has any one had this happen them? also does any one know how lyre tails of the species are bred or is it due to some form...
  3. Is my swordtail pregnant?

    I have noticed her increase drastically in size, but it has been about a month. Her gravid spot appears to be there. She is boxing out. I will try to insert pictures if I can, but they may be blurry and are best viewed when they are scaled down. Can someone who is more knowledgeable on this...
  4. My Baby Guppy and Swordtail Pictures

    Fish Breeding
    Eating Cory food. My favorite lil guy. The only surviver of a litter from a red eyed high fin lyre tail swordtail and orange and black swordtail. Mickey Mouse Swordtail
  5. Sick marble swordtail?

    Realized this was in the wrong spot, i'm sorry.