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  1. Albino Cory Swimming at the Surface

    So after I did a water change, my albino cory was showing off some weird behavior today, which I've never seen in a cory before! Instead of hanging out on the sand with the other cories, he decided to stay at the surface of the water. I know they tag the surface to get air, sometimes even swim...
  2. Cory swimming in circles

    I have an albino bronze cory that, not sure how to describe it, but when it swims, it does like a pinwheel impression where it's entire body spins around in a circle, almost like it's head is top heavy or something. Not sure what the cause is, but I haven't noticed thing on the outside, so I'm...
  3. New Fish Swimming around erratically

    55 Gallon 8.0 ammonia <0.2 Nitrites =0.4 Nitrates 5ppm water temp 78 degrees i added 4 yellow labs, 3 zebras and 2 Salosi (all juvenile) today after acculimating them. bought them from a person on CL. I expected them to all swim and hide, which they did for a minute or two but now...
  4. Sick Gourami

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I've had my gourami for about seven months now, and she has acted normal since I got her. A few days ago I noticed her lying on her side as if see were dead. When I looked closer, I could see that she was still breathing. I immediately took her out of my aquarium and put her in a bowl by...