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  1. Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    Hi everyone, I hope I can receive positive news, but more importantly, I need very honest and realistic support. Now, 2 days ago my molly was severely attacked while my husband and I left home for a quick outing. When we came back home, we notice that it was perched upside down on top of our...
  2. Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi, I have a giant danio and I think it might be sick. Bought it a few days ago and it had a bloated belly. The lady at walmart said it is pregnant, but it hasn't laid any eggs and the bloating looks like it is getting bigger. It has a large belly, the scales are flayed out, it is having...
  3. Tropical Fish Diseases
    My bala shark, (2 inches) is now swimming sideways and upside down, i did a half water change and he seemed to be getting better but now he's back to swimming wrong again. Please help. Edit: He does have small white spots all over him, so I went to store and bought it cure, I've added that but...
1-3 of 3 Results