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swim bladder disease

  1. Fish floating and looking like it is going to die.

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello I a need help. I have synodontis petricola / cuckoo catfish that is very young. It is about 2-3cm. I have had the fish for several months and this evening (30 minutes ago) I found it floating upside down at the surface of the tank. It struggled to swim down. From what I understand this...
  2. I'm Worried About My Parrot Fish :( Possible Swim Bladder Disease?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I have had him or her for about 6 months and hes my favorite fish! Very sociable with people, and he does the dance in front of the glass every time i walk in the room for food :lol: His most recent strange behavior began last night, when I was changing my aquarium background. He suddenly...
  3. Gold Gourami Swimming Erratically/ Gulping air- SEE VIDEO

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    For 3 days my Gold Gourami has been swimming around almost like it has no control. Its also gulping air about every 20 Seconds. My other 2 Gouramis, a male Dwarf, and a female opaline are acting fine. Also anyone notice the light patch on its forehead? What should I do? She has been getting...
  4. Is There Any Hope For My Goldfish? *Possible Swim Bladder Problem*

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello! New Member here! :) I've become increasingly worried about the health of one of my two fancy-tailed Goldfish. I've had them for 10 weeks so far and I keep them in a roughly 30L tank. The tank has about 5L of water changed every 5 days and a complete clean out every month. One of my...