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strange behavior

  1. Blood Parrot Recovering From Nervous Breakdown :/ Could He/She Spawn by themselves?

    I have had him or her for about 6 months and hes my favorite fish! Very sociable with people, and he does the dance in front of the glass every time i walk in the room for food. His Strange behavior began 2 days ago, when I was changing my aquarium background. He suddenly started freaking out...
  2. Strange Molly behavior

    My tank is newly cycled and I have two dalmatian Mollies in my 20 gal tank. They've been doing fine over the last few days but today they have been acting weird. The male has begun "slapping" the female with his tail, both have been on and off hanging around my heater. (even though it is the...
  3. strange glass catfish behavior (video)

    We took a video of our glass cats doing some strange behavior yesterday right after feeding time. They were shimmying and rubbing against each other almost playfully. Theyre a great bunch of 5 that have NEVER shown aggression towards each other or other fish. We love these guys! We have a...
  4. glass catfish struggling

    I just picked up my school of 6 glass catfish today from the LFS. I had to special order them so I'm very excited about their arrival to the tank. I have a 45 gal tank, water tests negative for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate... its been establish for 2 months. I have 4 corys, 7 black skirt tetra, 3...