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  1. Unintentional Neon Tetra breeding!

    So today a short while after I turned the lights on my tanks to feed everyone breakfast, I saw some interesting behavior in my neons. Yep, sure enough they were breeding. I have a planted 10g full of cyanobacteria [ugh], 3 nerite snails, and 1male betta. I've had four of my neons for about 2...
  2. Neon Tetra Surprise Spawning

    This morning I was watching my neon tetras and they were showing some odd behavior... Well, I looked up some videos and sure enough, they were mating! I recently added 5 new neons to the school, so I've been watching carefully to make sure they're getting along with the old ones. Guess it's a...
  3. Came back home from work today to see 2 of my Angel fish have 'Spawned'.

    Fish Breeding
    They've spawned and attached their eggs onto a leaf that I have in my tank. What should I do next? I don't know if they are even fertile or even how much time has passed since they have spawned the eggs, but both of the Angels are protecting the eggs vigorously against any and every other fish...
  4. Surprise Angelfish Spawn @[email protected]

    Fish Breeding
    So basically, I rescued/adopted a couple of angelfish (and some other fish, all together in a 5 gallon tank). Didn't know their genders, always saw them chasing each other and stuff, thought they were just aggressive, didn't think the odds were in my favor that i had ended up with a pair...