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  1. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I'm playing with my stocking calculator. Considering a betta sorority, or a large group of male guppies. Maybe mollies. I am cycling, planting, and establishing my tank first, so it will be a while before I actually buy fish. :) What would YOU put in a 46 gal?
  2. DIY Aquarium
    Boy, this is going to take a while to rebuild, but worth it since I got it for free! It originally came with just the side crack on the right, but it got a major shatter on the way home. So after many hours of finding a decently priced glass place, I managed to find one in Ontario that is going...
  3. Tropical Fish Diseases
    My female betta in a 10g sorority with 3 other bettas appears to have finrot and some fungus on the end. The other bettas look good (aside from some nipped fins) and I was wondering hwo to treat her. I have live plants and don't want to harm them so I was thinking I could give her salt baths?? I...
  4. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I'm having a disaster in my 45 gal tank, and may lose all of my fish. Im trying to keep my head up, but i have a feeling they are all going to go to the big pond in the sky. So, im considering plans for after, since i want to be entirely prepared. My 45 gal has a mirror on the back that...
  5. Beginner Planted Aquarium
    okay so about a week ago i bought 3 plants for my (cycling, but nearly finished i think) sorority tank. the marimo moss ball is fine, the... sword? i think.. is fine, bt the water lettuce is dying, fast. its leaves are turning a dark brown-black, starting at the ends and moving in. its on every...
1-5 of 8 Results