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  1. Tropical Fish Diseases
    One of my little Zebras is behaving oddly. She's not swimming around, she's "hovering" in the corner. At first, I thought she was maybe preparing to release eggs; she was kind of wriggling over the leaves of an Anubias. Then, I noticed a small, red sore at the front of the base of her right...
  2. Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi everyone, my friend just bought me a fish tank kit and fish for me beginning of this year for my birthday and today is the 3rd week of January. I notice white moving spots on the glass of the aquarium and only one fish has ich and a sore on the head. Few others have ich too but the rest have...
  3. Tropical Fish Diseases
    I looked through the list of illnesses and I didn't see anything that looked like this. I just tested the water in all my tanks today and his was perfect so I don't think it's the water. He's in a 2 gallon hex tank that stays in the 80-82 degree area. I've had him in this tank for about 6...
1-3 of 3 Results