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  1. Found Snail what to do next

    Last night I noticed a very small snail with a black shell crawling along the glass of my 10 gallon tank. I assume he snuck in with one of the plants I recently bought. (a java fern and a crypt) I immediately got it out of the tank and put it in a cup of water that I was taking out of the tank...
  2. Snails Wanted in PA

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    I am a university student doing a project on freshwater snails, and I am looking to set up a small tank with a variety of species and color morphs or snails. I am interested in doing a Paypal purchase of mixed variety of snails. I only need one or two of each, just a good example of the species...
  3. Baby snails! what to do?!

    a couple days ago i woke up to find 8 baby snails in my betta bowl, later i recounted and there were 11! i do have a live plant, but have had it for almost a year. i have 2 adult snails, but they are not the same type of snails. what should i do? i dont no where they came from and i dont want to...