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  1. Aqueon Quietflow 10gal can kill snails

    A word of warning for anyone looking at Aqueon filters: long story short I had my (very small) snail in a 10gal tank with a betta and some cory cats, he got stuck in the intake with a broken shell and died. So either cover the intake with a sponge, get a different filter, or keep small snails...
  2. Identify Snail

    Can anyone identify this tiny baby snail I found in my tank? It has a transluscent spiral shell, with tiny dark dots. I think it's just 1, can't see any others yet...
  3. The strange and beautiful mystery snail

    This high definition video will teach you everything you need to know about keeping, feeding, and breeding mystery snails. It is professionally filmed and narrated, and covers all aspects of this wonderful creature. Give this video a look and you will gain a whole new appreciation for the "...
  4. The Ramshorn Snail Friend Or Foe ?

    The ramshorn snail is often seen as an aquarium pest that people want to avoid. However, they only pose a problem in an aquarium that is unbalanced. When the aquarist adds too much food to the tank, the ramshorn snails take advantage of the abundance and breed at an alarming rate. Population...
  5. The dreaded Ramshorn snail

    The Ramshorn snail often gets a bad rap. Mostly because populations can explode if you give them too much food. If you have an explosion of snails in your tank, don't blame the snail. It's an imbalance that has created the issue. They only multiply as fast as their food source will allow. Here...
  6. What kind of snail is this?

    Hi, I have a 50 gallon planted tank and have spotted a few of these unintentional guests lately. Does anyone know what kind they are? Should I be plucking them out or leaving them in peace? So far they don't seem to be doing much damage, but I don't want to take any chances...
  7. Snail Control

    Hey, a while ago, I had algae issues in a 10g, and when I threw in a couple of nerite snails, the algae was under control, but in a sick, ironic twist, now I have snail issues, mainly the fact that more and more of them keep coming due to them laying eggs and making more of them. So what is the...
  8. How to transport a mystery snail egg clutch?

    Hello! Today I woke up to my first clutch of mystery snail eggs! Sadly, they were laid in my tank at my vacation home, which I have spent all summer at. The problem is that I am going back to school in less than a week, and was planning on transporting the snails with me back to their other...
  9. Assassin Snails or Loaches

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    What is better to tackle the infestation of ramshorn snails - Assassin Snails or Loaches? Yoyo, clown, kuhli?
  10. Blue Mystery Snail Shell Growth

    Hiii So I bought a mystery snail from Petsmart about 3 weeks ago. He wasn't very blue. His shell was flaky and yellow-ish. Well after about a week and a half of cruising my tank (10 gal with betta, 4 ghost shrimp and 2 other Nerite snails and plants) he's started to grow what looks like new...
  11. Good inverts for a 5.5 with a betta?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hey! I'm planning on getting a betta for my 5.5 gallon once it's all cycled, and I was wondering if I could put a snail or shrimps in there too? I was thinking a snail from the nerite family (so I wouldn't have to worry about it breeding.) Any recommendations, or is the tank too small for...
  12. best shrimp or snail for a chruous betta

    i have a vey curious betta and im thinking about getting a shrimp of a snail but i wasn't sure about it at first so im come to you guess in hopes you all might help me with my dilemma
  13. mystery snail egg clutches

    TFK U.S. Classifieds
    anyone interested in mystery snail egg clutches? i now have 7 clutches in my tank. two females are gold and brown-striped, males are brown and gold. clutches could have any mix of these colors. would ask $5/clutch, plus shipping (usps priority). pm or reply if interested. thanks!
  14. Snail parasite in gills deadly to my fish!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Help! one of my Platies has died and I need some help on this one cause I want to do what I can to save my other fishies! The platy that became ill started to have laborious beathing, hard for her to breath, she was getting lethargic. Hiding up in the top of the tank. I took her out and put her...
  15. I'm proud mom of snails!! woah!! weird!!

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I don't even have fish yet, I had so many problems with my ammonia except for the past weeks it been perfect :) I have had 2 plants in my fish tank for about month and half (with the heater on) , I notice that the glass was bit grumpy today and I was going to give a quick clean and I notice...
  16. Ammonia won't go down? Need advice?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I tested my water today and it was Ph: 6.0 Ammonia 8ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 0ppm I noticed my ammonia hasn't drop down yet, I have done 5 water changes and had added API ammonia lock. What should I do? . What if I get snail would that help lower levels or is it too high for the snail? I have...
  17. Mystery snail with flaky, dirty-looking shell

    I bought a golden mystery snail a week or two ago. He's very active and seems healthy, but his shell looks flaky and gross around the spiral. It looks filthy, like poop and dirt are building up under the rough flakes. Is this common? Can I clean his shell, or make it healthier by treating him...
  18. Are assassin snails invasive?

    I've googled this many times, but only found an article or two that mildly suggested thei invasive potential. So are they? I'm currently in the Philippines, got hold of a few, and managed to get around a dozen of them. Am thinking about selling it back to my LFS...but the invasive factor makes...
  19. Treating Tank from Ich

    Saltwater Fish Diseases
    I have a 25 gallon tank which inhabited a blue tang infected with ich. She is now dead with no fish left. I have a snail and hermit crab in there. I want to treat the tank without killing them so how would i do that? Is there any quick solutions without taking out the inverts?
  20. Mystery snail stays in shell in tank but explores on dry land?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I purchased a mystery snail a couple days ago and popped him in with my Betta. I haven't seen the Betta go anywhere near him so I am not sure if he's being bullied but he doesn't leave the shell. If I take him out, however, he is out in a heartbeat exploring and sliming around. In - on his side...