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  1. Angel, Silver Dollar and Golden Nugget Pleco Stocking Suggestion Needed

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello, I recently bought a new 240L fish tank, I think that's about 63 US gallons. It's 19" tall, which I think is just about okay for angel fish. Ideally I want to stock it with a single golden nugget pleco, and then a mixture of angel fish and a small group of silver dollar's. I'd love to...
  2. Is this the right thread for Silver Dollars?

    The profile of the Silver Dollar said to post here, but I didn't see anything specifically related to them like with the bettas... I do not know a great deal about this species. My mom wanted them, so I got her 3. She also has a bottom feeder, but I have no idea what kind it is. They were...
  3. Blob silver dollar!!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    My dollar has been weird since I don't know when.. I never seen him eat and his foods always had leftovers But now his body is fat and his eyes! His eyes are a bit 'inflated' than normal dollars have.. Oh and he has been floated upside down when there was a power cut. It is horrible and so my...
  4. Introducing Angel Fish/Boring Silver Dollars

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have a fairly new tank. Just wondering how long I should wait to put Angels in as I've read they aren't the best to put in a new tank. Also thinking of offloading my Silver Dollars as they are very boring, besides feeding time and wasting tank space. Does anyone have any positive experiences...
  5. Some vids of my oddball tank with large and very small fish.

    Freshwater Journals
    Thought I'd post some vids of my unusual tank. Yes, it is overstocked. I bought all these fish as babies when I set up the tank in 2007 and haven't purchased a single fish since. The most unusul part of my tank is the variety of fish which breaks the "rules" of much fishkeeping advice. I have...
  6. Help complete stocking of elem. school's 55 gal

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi everyone, My son's elem. school has an established 55 gal.non-planted aquarium that has been not been well maintained due to lack of knowledge. I'm going to help them create a "how to" book for feeding and maintaining the tank, and once things are rolling again with regular water/filter...