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  1. Cichlids
    okay so yesterday i decided to go to my lfs and stock my fluval 12 gallon. its been cycling for two weeks with some plants river rock and driftwood, and i got 6 glowlight rasbora, few shrimp, 3 cories. and as i was about to leave i noticed they had some apistogramma norberti in a tank full of...
  2. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I got a black ghost knife fish in my 50 gallon tank with a sailfin pleco and an angelfish... the tank has a plant and many caves for the bgkf to go in, but it is all day and all night in this cave.. i have tried to make the environment more familiar to it, but there is no good result... :/...
  3. Catfish
    My first post in this forum. :) Got 2 otos in my 10gallon cycled tank, with 2 cardinals, 2 neons, 2 ghost shrimps. Ammonia and nitrite levels are well in control, and i do 15% water change once a week. Heater keeps it around 75 F. Live plants (wisteria and micro swords), on gravel bed...
1-3 of 3 Results