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  1. Freshwater Shrimp
    Hi I got back this evening just in time to witness some strange behavior with my Amano's, i have one large one and two small shrimps, the small shrimps were on the large ones head for quite a while (see attached picture), every now and then the big one would swim away only to be joined by the...
  2. Invertebrates
    I'm breeding ghost shrimp, and I have a seperate tank for the fry. They were released 11 days ago, and by 8 days they started to leave the glass, and by nightime I couldn't see any of them, but there is Java Moss and a mini sunken ship so they could be anywhere! I managed to catch a glimpse of...
  3. Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hi! I have a 30 gallon bare-bottom fish tank. I was wondering if I can keep Platies and Tiger Barbs together in the same tank. I happened to have 2 Platies in the tank and introduced 2 Tiger Barbs today and they are so far doing fine. :-) I came back home and read on the internet that Tiger...
1-3 of 3 Results