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shrimp eggs

  1. How long does it take for shrimp eggs to hatch?

    Freshwater Shrimp
    Hello! I have a berried rili x blue velvet and im just curious how long it takes for the eggs to hatch? I wanna see those little shrimplets! Thanks!
  2. Macro shots, preg ghost shrimp

    Freshwater Journals
    Decided to take advantage of the pregnant shrimp to play with my macro lens. I'm not a real photographer, its just attachments on my iphone so its a bit low-res. full Flickr Set and video
  3. Shrimp Eggs?

    Fish Breeding
    I've just noticed one of my Amano Shrimp was an unusual colour underneath, upon closer inspection it has lots of little balls which I can only assume are eggs? It took my a while but I eventually got a photo.