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  1. Cichlids
    I think it's a male, but I'm starting to doubt myself.
  2. Anabantids
    Hey. So I recently purchased some new additions on a trip and after being transported for 10 hours in a lunch bag cooler filled with heat packs and newspaper on my lap they were home and today I put them in the main tank. Initially I had thought I accidentally got two young males me mind has...
  3. Cyprinids and Atherinids
    When I began adding more rainbows to my bigger 56 Gallon tank about 4 months ago, I read a lot of conflicting information of what the female to male ratio of the fish should be. My goal was really to diversify the types of rainbows I had the most I could with the space I had. I read in some...
  4. Livebearers
    I have raised fish on and off for a few years, but recently decided to get back into the hobby. I purchased 5 female guppies and an African Dwarf frog and set up my 10-gallon aquarium for them. Every one was happy, but now some are picking on each other a bit. I'm not worried that they will...
  5. Anabantids
    Hi, I have just bought these two Honey Gourami's from my LFS and I'm wondering whether they are male and/or female? Fish 1 wouldn't keep still so I have several shots of him/ her. Fish 1: Fish 2: Also here is a video of them both if the pictures aren't clear enough: Are my Honey...
  6. Livebearers
    I have just purchased 5 "female" electric blue split tail Guppies, however I dont think on closer inspection that they are female. however I'm no expert so I thought I'd get some opinions :-) I'll try to get better pics or a video to help :-) Steve
  7. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    The LPS sold me these as a Male and Female, but I'm not convinced on the female... SO any of you clever lot out there be able to give me a hand on this one? It's not a problem if they're both males, they have plenty of space and places to hide and they get on fantastic. The Male is quite...
  8. Cichlids
    I just got some kenyi mine are 2 inch long. So at what age they will change colour and I will know which is male and which is female... Can anyone tell me. I am really interested to breed them someday, so I want to be prepared :) and please tell me anything which I should know about these kenyi...
  9. Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hi guys Could anyone Help Me In Sexing My Golden Wonder Panchax'x Please? im not sure if it is 2 males, 2 female or male and female pair? 1 is bigger and has a "belly" and also a slight bend in the body (looking from above) with a Black Horizontal Stripe On its side. The smaller 1 however is...
  10. Cichlids
    Not the best photo he/she is a busy bee. This cichlid is a Star Sapphire Placidochromis "Phenochilus Tanzania". Hoping for a male as they are beautiful as an adult. Looking for some expert opinoins. Will try to upload a better pic soon.
  11. Anabantids
    Can anyone determine for me if my blue/opaline gourami is a male or female? It's the only picture I have posted for my tropical community tank. Tropical Community - 36 gallon Freshwater fish tank Thanks.
  12. Cichlids
    Hi i am getting a 29 gallon tank soon i think and wanted to try breeding convict cichlids, how many pairs can i keep in the 29, how to i breed them, and how do i tell the sex of them? pictures would be helpful:) thanks
  13. Cichlids
    My beautiful Red Empress Male is quite the "man" he's making ton babys with the females in the tank. :lol: The oldest group of fry are about 2 months and are about 3/4" long. They all started out looking the same but recently several of them are a lot lighter than the rest. I know they say...
  14. Cichlids
    I asked for 3 Females and 1 Male... not so sure that's what I got. Pretty much 100% sure this one is a male. Here are the 3 I'm not so sure about.... The very last one I'm thinking is a female. The other 2 have really pointy, although not so swooped dorsal and anal fins... but the...
  15. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    There seems to be a lot of conflicting information when it comes to sexing adult cichlids. I have a tank full of jewel cichlids and I wanted to try to sex them... preferably without venting them. Does anyone have information about sexing this specific species of Cichlid?
1-15 of 15 Results