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serpae tetra

  1. Serpae tetra swimming in place w/ a few white spots

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I just got a serpae tetra in a little tank from a friend who said that the fish wouldn't die and he was tired of it. It his tank, the fish went in the car from his house to my house. Unsurprisingly, he was acting weirdly, swimming in place in a back corner of the tank. Later that day he started...
  2. Offering Pleco, Black Skirts, Serpaes, and Gold Barbs

    TFK Other Countries Classifieds
    Have: 9in Common Pleco 1.75in Albino Black Skirt 'Fruit' Tetra 1.5in Black Skirt Tetra 1.5in Black Skirt Tetra 1.5in Serpae Tetra 1.5in Serpae Tetra 1in Serpae Tetra 1in Golden Barb 1in Golden Barb ~10in tall Mystery Plant Selling them would be nice, but I'd be glad to give them away, too. PM...
  3. Compatibility Question- Tetras and Barbs

    Okay, there's a link in my signature to another problem, and provided I can find someone to take the Pleco I inherited, that'll be solved. This question is for after I get rid of him. I currently have 3 Black Skirt Tetras (one is a rather old 'Fruit'), 3 Serpae Tetras, and 2 Gold Barbs. They...
  4. Cycling 20 gallon tank with 8 Serpae Tetras (79 Degrees)

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Im just wondering if things are going well and if my tank is overstocked or not. Marine-Land filter with BIO-Wheel for up to 50 gallon. PH- 6.9 Low Alk I've been Cycling for almost 3 weeks this is my 3rd weed. The first week I had 4 goldfish during that first week i added 6 Serpae Tetras...