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  1. Blue Ram's scales starting to fall off and Oto's look a bit bloated

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello guys, the title says it all. Here are my tank parameters: 20g tank Plants: one big sword, several crypts, three java ferns, java moss, and some others I don't know the name of. Fish: 1 Blue Ram 8 Lambchop Rasboras (they've only been in the tank for 3 days) 3 Oto Catfish 7 Ghost Shrimp...
  2. otocinclus coppery specks

    I have 4 otocinclus catfish, and I just recently noticed that there are some little coppery colored patches on their tails. There is just a little break in the black stripe that runs down the tail where it is like shiny copper scales instead of black. 3 of them have this, but some have more...
  3. Strange symptoms in platy

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    1. Tank size: 1g (I have VERY limited space in my apt) 2. Water parameters pH: 7.6 3. Tank at room temp. 4. Freshwater 5. How long the aquarium has been set up?: 4 months 6. I have a Mickey Mouse Platy, I've had him for 4 months. He is the only fish I have. 7. Were the fish placed under...
  4. Clown Knife Fish Optimum Tank Conditions

    Ancient Fish
    We recently bought a Clown Knife fish and I'm curious about what optimum conditions are for him. He's about 8" - 9" and currently lives in 55 gallon with a pleco (4"-5"). He's very friendly and quite active despite what some websites claim. I've done quite a bit of research online but typically...