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saltwater setup

  1. Possible 50 gallon tank mates!

    Saltwater Fish
    Hello all, I have kept several species of coral and inverts for the past couple of years, but not so much marine fish. So I want to start up a FOWLR tank and here is a list of fish I would like to keep and setup. Possible mate list: Fu manchu lionfish Dwarf Hawaiian moray eel Kole yellow...
  2. Need Help - Brand New

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    Hello, I am new to this forum but I wanted help from you guys about salt water fish and an aquairum. So I have had a 30 gallon freshwater fish tank for three years now and everything is going great and so on. But I really want to get a saltwater fish tank because I think they just look so much...
  3. nano.... new to this..

    Nano Reef
    hello saltwater forum, ive never been to this side of TFK... hopefully now ill be here more often (fore shadowing ;-) ) okay so for christmas ive asked for a nano aquarium for my desk area max 10 gallons, origanallly i thought freshwater shrimp tank!! but then i was wondering perhaps saltwater...
  4. really want some advice with my mollies

    i just bought a 10 gallon tank and 8 black mollies.i sexed them so its 1 female and 7 males.most are her offspring.1 still has the silver spots so i know its young....after doing some research all yesterday..i realized the woman had too many i believe in the 10 gallon..i also read they need a...