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  1. Hydrometer or refractometer?

    Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    Which is best for a saltwater tank - a salinity refractometer or a hydrometer? What I mean is which of the two is more precise?
  2. Royal gramma fish

    Saltwater Fish
    I'm obsessed with royal grammas...I want to get a 55 gallon nano reef tank and I was wondering, would it be a good idea to get a royal gramma too? If anyone who owns this species has any feedback, I'd appreciate it a lot! :nerd:
  3. Nano wifey tank build

    Saltwater Fish
    So I have an ADA 18 gallon SPS dominant tank and my fiance fancies the look of the wavy softies and some lps NOT sps. so instead of transforming my tank I decided to get her one lol. So I was looking and looking for a tank and I finally came across on a local thread post for a 16 gallon ADA...
  4. Fish less Cycling Question

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    hey all, been a LONG time since I've been on here. I sold off my old freshwater planted tank a few years ago and recently got back in the hobby but now in a SW tank I have a Red Sea 130 D Max (bought of craigslist, great deal) and am currently cycling the tank via the fish less shrimp method...
  5. Upgraded from 6 gal to 18 gal!!!

    Saltwater Fish
    Hello all!!!:-D So I have completly revamped my system not only in water volume but also in the hardware department as well! here is a link to my old system to compare Setup Additions: Display: ADA 18...
  6. Newbie with a 55 gal. Saltwater tank

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    I'm very much a beginner with aquariums and super excited to start my new hobby. I recently purchased a 55 gal. saltwater tank used but in great shape, with a new Coral Life protein skimmer, new small current fan, and new bio-wheel. I have a basic 2 bulb halogen lighting system. I'd would like...
  7. Possible 50 gallon tank mates!

    Saltwater Fish
    Hello all, I have kept several species of coral and inverts for the past couple of years, but not so much marine fish. So I want to start up a FOWLR tank and here is a list of fish I would like to keep and setup. Possible mate list: Fu manchu lionfish Dwarf Hawaiian moray eel Kole yellow...
  8. New 90 Gal Saltwater tank..Advice?

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    I just put together my 90 gallon tank i have a FLUVAL fx5 filtration system for it its been running for about a week now ive kept a pretty close eye on my levels and everything seems like it right where it needs to be my waters crystal clear the only thing i have in it so far is sand and i mixed...
  9. Need Help - Brand New

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    Hello, I am new to this forum but I wanted help from you guys about salt water fish and an aquairum. So I have had a 30 gallon freshwater fish tank for three years now and everything is going great and so on. But I really want to get a saltwater fish tank because I think they just look so much...
  10. 10g equipment questions

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    So I'm planning on gettting a ten gallon saltwater tank, I was wondering if a protein skimmer will help me do less water changes? Just to make my job easier. I heard it keeps your water cleaner, could I do a water change every two weeks with a protein skimmer? If I don't have a RO filter how do...
  11. nano.... new to this..

    Nano Reef
    hello saltwater forum, ive never been to this side of TFK... hopefully now ill be here more often (fore shadowing ;-) ) okay so for christmas ive asked for a nano aquarium for my desk area max 10 gallons, origanallly i thought freshwater shrimp tank!! but then i was wondering perhaps saltwater...
  12. Setting up a aquarium (mobile)

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    I have debating this issue for months so I would like some help. I go to college right now and i currently have a piranha. I have a 20g marineland seaclear eclipse 2. Once my piranha outgrows the tank i am going to return him. I am really thinking that i want to start my first saltwater aquarium...
  13. New guy :)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone. This is my first time doing a post. I am currently in college and am studying marine biology. I have a 20g freshwater tank up here with a red belly piranha in it. I am going to sell back the piranha once he reaches a size that is not appropriate with the size of my tank. I am...
  14. PLZ Help on a 20 gallon FOWLR

    Saltwater Fish
    Hi, I'm looking at setting up my first saltwater aquarium i have been doing a lot of research and i have decided i want to do a fowlr in a 20 gallon long tank I've had for awhile.I've had lots of experience with keeping fish in the past and am actually running a freshwater tank right now...
  15. how many drains for a 60x30x30????

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    hello i currently have a 48x18x24 tank and i use 1 drain in 1 corner will dis do OK for a 60x30x30 tank or should i put 2 drains on both side of the tank pleas let me know your ideas. :-) (measurements are in inch's)
  16. Golden angelfish/Coral Beauty angelfish compatibility

    Saltwater Fish
    hello i would like to know compatibility of these two fishes, angelfish Golden angelfish and Coral Beauty angelfish. cause i really would like to get both of them in my 130gallon tank. i currently have these fishes in my tank.i have some lps corals but i have never ever seen my coral beauty...
  17. New FOWLR Setup - advice please!!

    Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    Hi All, I'm looking to set up my first marine fish tank, with live rock/sand and possibly a few soft corals. Having read up on the equipment needed I've made a list of what I think needs buying but before I go ahead can anyone advise on whether this looks correct?? I'm seriously confused so...
  18. Possible ban on collection and export of all reef fish from Hawaii!

    Saltwater Fish
    All of us in the tropical fish industry in Hawaii need your testimony and support against Resolution 363-10 (being heard 1:30pm Tuesday, July 20) to ban the collection of fish for export from the island of Hawaii. Please fax and email your testimony against Resolution 363-10 before 12:00 noon...