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  1. Saltwater Tank Ideal for a dorm room

    Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    So I've been doing fresh water tanks since I was little. Me and my older brother always had a stocked tank in our room. But now I want to switch to salt water. However, I've never done salt water before. I know that it is definitely a more cautious process of taking care of them. Also, in the...
  2. starting a 36 gallon salt water tank

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    So we are getting ready to start setting up our salt water aquarium...its a 36 gallon bow front.. we have decided to go with just using 5 inches or so of sand and live rock and a skimmer and 2 power heads instead of doing any other kind of filtration. does that sound OK? So my real question is...
  3. My 6 Gallon reef with 10 gal sump/fuge

    Saltwater Fish
    6 Gallon Cylendrical tank with 10 gal sump/fuge Mates: 2x Ocellaris 3x Blue-legged hermit crabs 2x Astraea snails 1x Margaritta snail Reef-Safe astrena starfish Corals: Spaghetti Hammer Birdsnest Pocillopora Damicornis GSP Toadstool Various Mushrooms Setup: Display: diy led 2x nano hydor...
  4. Can I start a saltwater?

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    I have a 29 right now in the making of a freshwater and I have been thinking of making it into a saltwater in the future. But till then I want to know if what I have now is good to just keep the fish with sand as substrate, no decorations or rocks ect. Currently I have a Penguin Bio Wheel 150...
  5. Super Naturals Tahitian Moon in Salt Water

    Beginner Saltwater Aquariums
    Hello all, I have a 90 Gallon tank, 2x4 stand and a bunch of frest water gear, filter, that I don't know the make, same for a heater, and some crappy lights. New to fish tanks, but my wife and I have decided to turn it into Salt water. but, we would like to use the Super Naturals Tahitian Moon...
  6. How many fish can i put in a 30 gallon tank?

    Saltwater Fish
    im thinking of starting a 30-40 tank what fish and how many can i put in my tank?
  7. Any tips for a good saltwater tank mate?

    Saltwater Fish
    I'm going to get a 30-gallon saltwater tank. Its going to be a FOWLR tank with 30 lbs. of live rock. I also want 2 tank-raised ocellaris clownfish and 2 tank-raised green clown gobies. 1.) Do any more fish fit? 2.) If so, what do you recommend and how many?(Not another type of clownfish)...