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  1. Fishroom Cleanout! Lots Available! Shrimp, Plants, and a Few Others

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    Crypt Hudoroi $20 each buy 5 or more $15 around 10 available. They are super healthy long root systems have been growing for about 2yrs untouched about 3-5 leaves on each plant and full grown around 7-9 inches. Bronze Crypts $4 buy 5 or more $3 each or 10+ $2 each, 30 available. Giant...
  2. Pygmy cories in UT?

    Does anyone know where to find pygmy cories in utah? My dream aquarium is a 10 gal full of a bunch of pygmies and otos. That would be amazing... I love the personality and cuteness. I had to settle for baloon mollies though, because I can't find pygmy corydoras anywhere. I really want some- so...
  3. Lots For Sale!! Whole Plants not just stems, roots included ;) Got Schrimps Too!

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    Heres what I got, actual photos of plants: $25 Huge Mat of Riccia 9x8+ (High possibility it has Cherry Shrimp and Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish eggs) 1 available Shot at 2012-05-29 $10 Riccia 4x4+ (High possibility it has Cherry Shrimp and Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish eggs) 3 available Shot at...
  4. Crypts Wendtii Bronze and Spiralis

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    I have a few crypts for sale, Wendtii Bronze. Shipping is USPS Priority $6. These are $8 a piece (actual plant you would be getting) A Shot at 2012-03-07 B (on the left) + C one on right Shot at 2012-03-08 D Shot at 2012-03-08 and $8 for both of these Shot at 2012-03-08 I also have some...
  5. Female betta

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    So I have a beautiful blue male Betta, about a year old. I really want to find a female for him and breed them but I can't find anyone who sells females. I've tried many pet shops and they never have them, the one time I saw one it was already reserved. No one around here is a breeder which is a...
  6. Common Pleco for Sale

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    I have a 14-16 inch pleco we named The Dude who needs a new home more appropriate to its size. I only have a 28 gal. tank with guppies and it is very unfair to it. We are very fond of The Dude and really want it to have a better, much larger home which we cannot provide. We live in the Denver...
  7. Specialist Website Aquarium Fish Website For Sale

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    What is it? We have developed over 7 years - a huge database of aquarium fish and over the last few years it has been in use as part of an online encyclopedia of aquarium fish. The project is a ready to launch - complete site. There is also a CDROM based version if you are interested. It's For...