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  1. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hey guys so this isn't a help me post, its just a post that I figured may give people some ideas for their own diy project. I have decided that I'm going to do a little DIY project. I have a Rio 180 set up and decided that I want to Add a sump to it. I then had the idea that I would want to...
  2. DIY Aquarium
    I would like to make a DIY Sump and was wondering if anyone knows if this plan will work? , by the way, the black rectangles will be the separators
  3. Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    I am going to set up a 55 gallon tank in the upcoming months and would like to add a sump with refugium. What do you think of my plan, please advise me with what i should do to make it better. thank you the big rectangles that are colored in black will be the acrylic dividers that i will attach...
  4. Aquarium Products Reviews
    Hi all, I have been prowling the net for miracle mud reviews, and found quite positive stuff about miracle mud for saltwater. Did not find anything for freshwater other than the "wet pets and friends" planted discus tank using it in a refugium. Is there anyone who has some experience with this...
  5. Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    So I decided to make my own sump out of acrylic instead of having one a custom one built by Trigger Systems. They quoted me 380 and that is just beyond my limit. I researched on how to glue acrylic and I'm willing to take the plunge to make my own. I drew up a rough scetch on Paint to get the...
  6. Saltwater Aquarium Equipment
    i really want to make a sump/refugium, but i have heard that if you have an overflow, and the power goes out it will over fill you sump and will flood your house? is there a way you can run a overflow and have something to keep your sump from over filling if the power does go out? and my other...
1-6 of 7 Results