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  1. Nano Reef
    Hey guys I'm Jun Sang. I made this "smart" tank design as a long time hobbyist and am not running a campaign to get it started on production and manufacturing. Please let me know what you think!! Thanks!! I need all the feedback and help from fellow hobbyists...
  2. Saltwater Fish
    So I have an ADA 18 gallon SPS dominant tank and my fiance fancies the look of the wavy softies and some lps NOT sps. so instead of transforming my tank I decided to get her one lol. So I was looking and looking for a tank and I finally came across on a local thread post for a 16 gallon ADA...
  3. Nano Reef
    Just checked out VIP Reefs and found these awsome gems!
  4. Saltwater Fish
    Hello all!!!:-D So I have completly revamped my system not only in water volume but also in the hardware department as well! here is a link to my old system to compare Setup Additions: Display: ADA 18...
  5. Saltwater Fish
    6 Gallon Cylendrical tank with 10 gal sump/fuge Mates: 2x Ocellaris 3x Blue-legged hermit crabs 2x Astraea snails 1x Margaritta snail Reef-Safe astrena starfish Corals: Spaghetti Hammer Birdsnest Pocillopora Damicornis GSP Toadstool Various Mushrooms Setup: Display: diy led 2x nano hydor...
  6. Saltwater Fish
    Hello all, I have kept several species of coral and inverts for the past couple of years, but not so much marine fish. So I want to start up a FOWLR tank and here is a list of fish I would like to keep and setup. Possible mate list: Fu manchu lionfish Dwarf Hawaiian moray eel Kole yellow...
  7. Saltwater Fish
    I have a 36 gallon bowfront that has been running for three weeks. Over the wekend I noticed what appeared to be ick on the flame angels. I now have then quarantined, as well as the two tomato clownfish in separate tanks. How long should I keep these fish quarantined? The main tank is...
1-7 of 7 Results