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  1. Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hi, I have searched through books, and all over the internet for information on what is going on with my new ropefish. I have had many ropefish over the years and I got another to be company to a ropefish that I have had for a while and his little friend jumped out of the tank. This has never...
  2. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I'm looking for a lot of information on Reedfish and dinosaur bichirs as we're looking into both fish, but reedfish moreso. I found what I consider to the best information on Wiki and I know that's not the best source. I found some information on Liveaquaria but they always seem to badly...
  3. Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello I have three Reedfish / Ropefish (Erpetoichthys calabaricus = Calamoichthys calabaricus) for over ten years. This species has as singularity what the swim bladder has the function of an accessory respiratory organ like a lung, it said it's worth. Coming from a trip, I found that...
1-3 of 3 Results