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  1. Betta Fish
    This is Allura, she’s the smallest of all my female bettas- I can’t tell if she’s being bullied by the others or is sick- her fins were slightly shredded but when I looked at her this morning SHE LOOKED LIKE THIS!!! ANY MEDICINES I CAN DO TO HELP? I DONT WANT HER TO DIE I WOULD FEEL SO BAD-
  2. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hello. I am a "new" fish care taker as of 12/24/18 and I Have 2 female guppies and 3 male guppies. One of my female guppies who is currently pregnant, had many red spots that look like blood on/in her this morning as you can see below. I put her in new cleansed water and a new fish bowel by...
1-2 of 2 Results