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red cherry shrimp
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  1. Beginner Planted Aquarium
    For hobbyists that have not yet seen my article ‘Small Planted Tanks for Pet Shrimp,’ I recently put it onto the aquarium page of my book writing website. Article shows how to set up a 1-gallon (3.8 liter) bowl with small shrimp. It is an easy, inexpensive way to get started with plants and...
  2. Freshwater Shrimp
    This amazing high definition video takes an up close look at the life of the Cherry Shrimp. You will see detailed footage of them molting, mating, feeding, and giving birth. It is filled with detailed and accurate information about how to care for and breed dwarf shrimp in general, but...
  3. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hi Everyone, I'm planning to add some Amano and Cherry Shrimps in my community tank. Right now I have: Tank: 15 Gallon Filtration: HOB Dymax SL -240 and UGF Substrate: Gravel w/ broken coral and small shells Fish: 7 Pink Zebra Danios, 7 Tiger Barbs, 1 Angelfish, 1 Common Pleco Plants: Java...
  4. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I believe this one is a male but im unsure, can anyone else chime in and let me know?
  5. Freshwater Shrimp
    Hey everyone this is my first post on tropical fish keeping! :-D can anyone help me determine the sex of my red cherry shrimp? I plan on breeding them but i have a fear all 5 of mine are females.... here is a picture of 3, the other 2 are hiding :-( Anyways if anyone can tell me the gender of...
  6. Beginner Planted Aquarium
    I'm planning to get a planted 10. gallon up and running, but I'd like it to look more natural and so I'd want to have some real driftwood or possibly stones in the tank. I've been looking into mopani and cholla wood, as well as seiryu stones. I'll probably have some RCS, maybe move a betta...
  7. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have a 5 gal and am thinking about stocking neon or green neon tetras (green if i can find them bc theyre smaller), rcs and maybe a nerite snail. How does that sound? I don't know the quantities, the tank will be modestly planted and is on a fishless cycle now. Do any of those species not...
  8. Freshwater Shrimp
    My fish are having a minor, but prolonged, bout of ich at the moment. I am using the heat method, but cysts are still visible on my neon tetras after (I believe) 4 days. So I am hoping to put my aquarium salt to use. Only problem is that I don't want to expose my RCS or Wisteria to this...
  9. Freshwater Shrimp
    So this morning I discovered an odd looking shape on my sponge filter. Taking a closer look; I realize it is a miniature version of one of my eight RCS. At first, I was excited to see one, then two, then three, and counted up to eight so far. After I stare at them for good minute or two, I also...
  10. Invertebrates
    I have a 1/2 gallon vase that i am settingup for rcs. I have sand in the bottom and a little bit of java fern for now. i have two big spirals of lucky bamboo, and i plan to carpet the bottomwith java moss. the only light for this pico is my bedroom light and whatever hits it from the window. i...
  11. Freshwater Journals
    Not quite "fish" pictures but I really wanted to share pictures of my shrimp and the tank they occupy. Here is the tank. Plenty of scavenging areas for them to forage for food and open space so that I can see them. This is freshly set up so I expect there to be growth in most of the plants to...
  12. Freshwater Journals
    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share a video of my growing red cherry shrimp colony. I orig started with 20, and now there are possibly 200 or more. The setup is about 3 months old. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Freshwater Shrimp
    Hi! I'm fairly new to the aquarium keeping hobby, so please forgive any noobiness and my many questions. Hope someone out there is nice enough to read all this and help me out. I bolded the main questions I have so that it'll be easier to refer to, or if you don't want to read the whole...
  14. Freshwater Shrimp
    Hi, What small Tropical Fish Species can I add with my Red Cherry Shrimp? At the moment I have 6 Platys and 6 Otos with 3 Guppy fry. Thanks.
  15. Freshwater Shrimp
    Will Interpet No.6 be Harmful to my Red Cherry Shrimp?
  16. Freshwater Shrimp
    How do I treat my Platy's itch without killing my Red Cherry Shrimp?? - I cannot quarantine my Platies as I have not got any other tanks. Help ME PLEASE :/
  17. Invertebrates
    How do I treat my Platy's itch without killing my Red Cherry Shrimp?? - I cannot quarantine my Platies as I have not got any other tanks. Help ME PLEASE :/
  18. Invertebrates
    i want to buy some red cherry shrim but i dont know where to get them from.i will setup a 2.5 or 5.5 gallon super uber planted tank for them.any help would be great,i live in cleveland heights ohio also i cant ship them here.
1-18 of 19 Results