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  1. 15 Gallon Tank - One Lonely Pygmy Cory, Help?!

    I originally started off with 6 pygmy cory. All living in a 3 gallon tank until one by one they began to die off. Not wanting to lose anymore, I removed them from the tank then gave it a good clean then set it up as a quarantine/hospital tank. Instead of having them swim around the empty tank, I...
  2. Advice for cycling a 10 gallon tank?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I recently ordered a brand new 10 gallon tank online so I could move my two Endler Guppies and six Pygmy Cory out of their 3 gallon home. On waiting for the tank to arrive my fish developed SBD which I treated with blanched peas, 20% water changes daily and even fasting them for 48 hours. Sadly...
  3. Pygmy Cory Injury!

    I got 6 new pygmy corys on Saturday and one hurt himself today! He was exploring the driftwood and tried to follow a tiny shrimp into a very small hole. It didn't go so well and his tail got caught. The top half of it is now missing. He's still swimming well, able to keep up with the others and...
  4. Treating pygmy cory tail rot?

    Hi, I have 7 pygmy corys in a quarantine tank. They've been in there since Wednesday. Just now I noticed that one of them has lost its tail fin; it practically has no more tail. The other fins look fine. I cannot say for certain when this happened, because I haven't been looking at each of...
  5. Will Pygmy Cories Be Ok In AquaSoil?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I have 9 pygmy cories in my current 20 long tank with sand which is pretty over stocked (ENDLERS EVERYWHERE) and I'd like to move them over to my other 20 long which only has espei rasboras in it. The substrate is aquasoil, will that be ok for them? I've only ever kept them on play sand...
  6. Stocking With Pygmy Cory?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Over the weekend, I moved my pygmy cories into my 8 gallon bowfront. They were in my 20 long but it didnt seem like they were able to find each other and they just moped in corners. I dont think they were getting enough food either as my danios are voracious :lol: The tank is planted with a...