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  1. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi! I have kept a 30 gallon community aquarium for 2 years now, consisting of pearl gouramis, cardinals, panda cories, a BN plec and some ghost shrimp. I had an unfortunate incident with my heater/electrics, and only my BN plec and my shrimp survived. I am totally gutted but my tank has been...
  2. Saltwater Puffer Fish
    I am Starting with a 40 gallon setup. Wondering if it was okay to put a Porcupine puffer, maroon gold striped clown and a niger trigger together? All juvenile? I only plan to have this tank 6 months at the most before i move up to a 100 gallon + size.
  3. Saltwater Puffer Fish
    I know what I did wrong so please help with solutions only unless you think I need to learn more about mistakes I made. I bought a Porcupine Puffers put him in a tank that was 29 gal tank. Waited a month to cycle too short know now and got him home to find after putting him in the tank he had...
  4. Freshwater Journals
    Here are some pics of my 55 Brackish....just stocked it today. They will be moving to a 150 that is at my shop someday, but for now I want them at home. I'm weird, but I hate having fish at work, I hate that I have to leave them alone on the weekends or when I'm not working, lol. My apartment...
  5. Saltwater Puffer Fish
    I've had the weirdest puffer for a year now. He will NOT eat the shrimp or snails in the tank. He will NOT even eat the clams unless I break a small hole for him. He loves flake food and pellets. I try to keep him away from that and encourage the clams for his teeth grinding but my problem is...
  6. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi all. I currently have a 20 gallon wide freshwater tank with bunch of rocks and fun hiding places... I've got a dwarf puffer fish which has been doing fantastic for several months (turns out they aren't brackish only!), as well as a 2inch pleco, a tiny dwarf African frog, and an electric...
1-6 of 6 Results