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puffer fish

  1. Best substrate

    Saltwater Fish
    Generally speaking, what substrate do puffer fish prefer?
  2. Puffer and Puffer tank mate help

    Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    Since I'm talking about puffers i placed this in advanced. So I need your people's help in telling me if the hairy puffer and dragon puffers could be tank mates in a heavily planted 55 gallon? I have not kept either of these particular Puffers before but have read multiple care sheets and...
  3. Picking Tank Mates Help

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello everyone, I am coming up with a list of fish i would like for stocking my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium (after it's cycled and what not) BUT! I need help to know if these fish are compatible. One type of fish i so desperately want is a puffer fish. I have taken care of green spotted's...
  4. Porcupine pufferfish needs help

    Saltwater Puffer Fish
    I Purchased a puffer just three days ago, I can not get it to eat I tried clams on a half shell, live shrimp, frozen jumbo raw shrimp defrosted, pellets,flakes. I don't know what else to try ,I guess I will try minnows how long can he go without food? It seems very active. OMG he is now swimming...
  5. Restarting a tank... have questions. :)

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I want to start using my 5 gallon tank again. ONLY my 5 gallon. I want to get a dwarf puffer, and maybe eventually, 5 ghost shrimp or so... if the puffer finds them and likes to eat them, so be it. I plan on having lots of fake plants and hiding places in the tank. Currently, my 5 gallon...
  6. My 55 Gallon. Looking for Plant Advice?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Here's my 55gallon Tank. Hardware 55 Gallon Glass Tank 2 T5 48" Bulbs. 67k 1 T8 48" Bulb. 67k 120 Blue LED's (on moonlight timer) A Hanging Filter 10 lb cylinder injected co2 w/bubble counter regulator. Co2 diffused through powerhead under cave rocks (small bubbles get stuck under the rocks) 1"...
  7. Sick GSP?

    Brackish Water
    I recently got two new Green Spotted Puffers from a Walmart where they had them with guppies.... dont even get me started on that idiocy. But I took them home and I have had them for a week. They looked like they had fin rot and a fungus but when I acclimated them to the brackish water ( SG...
  8. Good puffer fish for SA cichlids???

    Hi i have a 55g tank with 2 convict 4in, 1 jack dempsey 4in, 1 green terror 4in, and 1 pleco 3 in, I would like to add a puffer fish with them what is a compatible puffer?
  9. Porcupine Puffer HELP PLEASE

    Saltwater Puffer Fish
    I have a new puffer in my tank. 300 gallon with 2 big eye fish about 3 inches and 1 snow flake eel. The puffer is about the size of a football. When I got him he had some gray on his belly the pet lady said he might have a air bubble. Today I notice the whole belly is gray and he is chilling at...