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  1. Bloated or Pregnant?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So I have a Gold Dust Molly, that I noticed today is kinda fat. I was thinking she's bloated, but when looking at photos online, some photos that look like her apparently they are pregnant. I'm put her in a separate tank right now with a couple of peas to see if maybe she's bloated and...
  2. Is this normal

    I noticed this bubble last night and it's gotten a little bigger is this normal
  3. Pregnant fish?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    hi I would like to see if anyone knows if my fish are pregnant. I have a Molly who looks pregnant and a guppy who might be. Attached are pictures. The guppy in question is the clear/yellow one.
  4. "Pregnant" Chinese Algae Eater

    Cyprinids and Atherinids
    Hi Everyone! I'm new a new member and I need some information on the breeding habits of chinese algae eaters. I noticed that my CAE's belly got bigger recently. I had 2 CAE's, but the 1 passed away recently and I'm assuming that it was a male. Her behaviour is normal, she's cleaning and...
  5. Black Female Molly Turning White?

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello. I have a female molly that is pregnant and seems to be turning white. It started with her fins turning clear, except for the tips, and then some of her body has turned white. It is not ich. Her right side seems to be worse, and looks like she is about blind on that side. It is not as bad...
  6. is my platy pregnant????

    I got my orange mickey mouse platy about a week ago along with another male platy and two mollies and i can't tell if she is just fat or if she is pregnant.
  7. How can I tell if my Marigold Platy is pregnant???

    I have a 37 gallon tank with all kinds of fish but I have two male swordtails and a female Marigold Platy, I've been told they are known to breed and the female looks like she has gotten fatter, its really hard to tell though, heres a picture photo9_zps9b433b31.jpg Photo by kaysparf | Photobucket
  8. Two female Dalmatian Mollies! Pregnant or just FAT Please let me know!

    Fish Breeding
    I just bought these two ladies and I have no idea if they are pregnant or just fat. Please let me know! sorry these aren't the best pictures, these girls like roaming. :-P also I have no idea why these turned sideways, sorry!
  9. Just bought two female dalmatian mollies not sure if fat or pregnant! Help please!!

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    So I bought some mollies, they are a little on the plump side so I don't know if they are pregnant or just fat. Input is appreciated!:-) Sorry that the pictures are not the best (also I have no idea why they turned), It's kinda hard to take pics of these little fellas.
  10. Is this female guppy pregnant?

    Just got her today from a fish store--NOT a chain store. Can you tell if she's pregnant?
  11. How long left until this guppy pops?

    I'm pretty sure this guppy is pregnant, but I'm not sure when to put her into a separate tank. Anyone know what stage of pregnancy she is in and approximate time of birth? Thanks!
  12. Help with my pregnant guppies (pictures)

    I know theres tons of these threads, but none really help me at all, so I'm sorry if its all a bit repetitive :( I haven't had pregnant guppies since I was a kid, so its all a bit new. Over the last few months I've just been slowly adding to my 30 gallon tank (to make sure the water settled ok -...
  13. Pregnant Guppy Help (Video)

    Hi guys I know there are a lot of questions about this and I have read most of the discussions about it. I am sorry for the repeat but I am still having trouble telling. I bought a female guppy from the fish store and I know she is pregnant and I thought she would have given birth by now...
  14. My molly, pregnant? Or sick?

    ( PICTURES INCLUDED ) Hello, I recently got a couple fish from my local pet store. Thus including a male and female molly, ( I need to include that I DID NOT think of getting another female, sorry for my stupidity ). The female has a big round belly, squarish you could say... The male...
  15. Fat Zodiac Loach

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I've had 3 zodiac loaches for about a month now. All seems to be well with them- they have a big den and keep to themselves. I haven't really seen any signs of aggression. One of the loaches has gotten quite plump, but the other 2 are slender. They were all the same size when I purchased them...
  16. Is my dalmatian molly pregnant?

    We picked up a few dalmatian mollies from our local petsmart about a month and a half ago. They were both supposed to be males, but when we brought them home we discovered that we had one male and one female (I am assuming that they make mistakes on stuff like this occasionally). Last week I...
  17. Is my Creamsicle Molly pregnant?

    Fish Breeding
    I have this creamsicle molly, pretty good sized fish. I was told it was a male. I've recently found out I was misinformed on several of my fish. I have a male dalmation lyretail that ended up being female as well, and I was told it was a male. lol So I have ended up, I think, with two male fish...
  18. Is my Platy pregnant?

    [ATTACH]57890[/ATTACH ]I recently asked if my platy was a female. Well, now she getting fatter and fatter, so my new post is: Is she pregnant, lol.
  19. Possible Pregnant Mollie?

    Fish Breeding
    This is her today. Any ideas as if shes pregnant and how long till she drops the fry?
  20. Pregnant Dalmatian Molly HELP PLEASE?!

    Fish Breeding
    I've got a female and a male Dalmatian Molly, they've mated but I'm not sure how long it'll be before she has the Fry! She's really big and acting strange so I've put her in the breeding tank!! How long will it be before she has them?