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  1. Fish Breeding
    Hello! So I just got 2 new molly’s about 4 days ago and around 2 days ago I found 2 baby fish. I caught them and put them into a breeding net until my other tank is up and running to transfer. So far I have only found 2 and have been told that the others will hide in the gravel/plants. These...
  2. Livebearers
    Hey guys I just wanted to ask quickly is my Dalmatian molly pregnant? I feel like her stomach is getting bigger but not exactly sure. 1st pic was taken on 21st if feb 2nd pic was just taken.
  3. Advanced Freshwater Discussion
    I got 3 balloon mollies (2 female, 1 male) just over a week ago and my one female looks noticeably fatter than the rest. She is showing some signs of pregnancy but she would be my first pregnant fish and I just want to make sure.. Also the only other tank that I can set up is a 5 gallon. I have...
  4. Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello, My name is Dayle-Jessica I'm from the UK, 20 years old have been given a freshwater tank and am having some problems. Please help! Im in such a pickle I was given a very large tank (to me) approx 2.5ft by 1 by 1.5. The people before me had the tank set up etc for a good 13 months. You...
  5. Livebearers
    I have a young molly, I just got her about 2 weeks ago and her tummy is a little big. Last night I noticed she was just laying down by the plants. She's breathing heavy, just constantly opening and closing her mouth pretty fast. I put her in a breeding container over night just in case she was...
  6. Fish Breeding
    I just bought these two ladies and I have no idea if they are pregnant or just fat. Please let me know! sorry these aren't the best pictures, these girls like roaming. :-P also I have no idea why these turned sideways, sorry!
  7. Livebearers
    We picked up a few dalmatian mollies from our local petsmart about a month and a half ago. They were both supposed to be males, but when we brought them home we discovered that we had one male and one female (I am assuming that they make mistakes on stuff like this occasionally). Last week I...
  8. Fish Breeding
    My molly just gave birth about a month ago, right after we got her from the pet store. She hasn't gotten any smaller and I was wondering if anyone could tell from this picture if she's pregnant again? Please help me! Thanks.
  9. Livebearers
    Hi Guys, i need some serious help!!! i bought 2 female balloon molly's and a male but one of the females just stays in a corner swims a second then retreats back :/ i dont know how to tell if she is sick or pregnant. as she was in with male balloon mollys. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  10. Livebearers
    Attached are a couple of pictures of my Molly. I thought she was just overfed, so I was going to fast them today ... but my wife thinks she's pregnant.
1-10 of 10 Results