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  1. Livebearers
    My guppy gave birth to 3 healthy fry and 2 undeveloped fry 3 days ago. Her belly has not become smaller (in fact it looks even bigger now). Could she be done giving birth and just look like this or is she still holding more fry? I know the Gravid spot isn’t very dark but it was this colour right...
  2. Livebearers
    One of our female dalamation mollies is a lot fatter than the other, and I'm wondering if she's pregnant? I saw her lying on the gravel, and the other female was staying by her. I'm also wondering if you think she's starting to get popeye because one eye looks bigger than the other.
  3. Livebearers
    My sunset fire platy surprised me by giving birth right before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the fry was eaten by one of my other fish. This was on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, though I can't remember which. No other babies were visible, granted I was gone most of the weekend. When I...
  4. Livebearers
    I'm pretty sure this guppy is pregnant, but I'm not sure when to put her into a separate tank. Anyone know what stage of pregnancy she is in and approximate time of birth? Thanks!
  5. Livebearers
    I know theres tons of these threads, but none really help me at all, so I'm sorry if its all a bit repetitive :( I haven't had pregnant guppies since I was a kid, so its all a bit new. Over the last few months I've just been slowly adding to my 30 gallon tank (to make sure the water settled ok -...
  6. Fish Breeding
    ( PICTURES INCLUDED ) Hello, I recently got a couple fish from my local pet store. Thus including a male and female molly, ( I need to include that I DID NOT think of getting another female, sorry for my stupidity ). The female has a big round belly, squarish you could say... The male...
1-6 of 6 Results