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pond weed

  1. Invert/oxygenators stocking for pond..

    Ponds and Waterfalls
    Okay so I have a 250 gallon pond in my ackyard with 4 comets and 2 shubunkin, and many assorted live bearers, and I was planning on getting some additions to my pond, additions including submerged plants to oxygenate and somewhat keep the water clean, but I was wondering if there's any that will...
  2. Extracting pond weed and placing in tank

    Beginner Planted Aquarium
    Hey, I want to take some pond dwelling plants out of my pond (think it's hornwort) and exchange it into an inside tank. How do i take it out the pond so it can grow in a tank, in other words, do i have to carefully take the whole plant out or can i just cut a bit off of the main plant? Cheers