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platy fry

  1. Trying to Identify 2.5 Week Old Platy Fry

    I usually let nature take its course with platy fry in a community tank, but this time when I found 2 of them, I thought it might be cool to see if I could raise them. I actually ended up donating the 2 adult males I had him my main tank because they were chasing the females around so much I...
  2. I am so "Fished Out" Today! Platy Fry, What is wrong with my Boesmani Rainbow!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    I am so "Fished Out" Today! Platy Fry, What is wrong with my Boesmani Rainbow! Well this morning started out with 2 fish tanks right now, I have 4 up and running...:shock: It started this morning when I turned the light on in my 29 gallon tank. I could not help but notice two tiny eyes stare...
  3. Platy fry - more than one colour in one litter?

    Fish Breeding
    Hi guys and gals :-) Silly question possibly, but can you get more than one colour in a single litter of Platy fry? I'm just trying to determine whether my little ones are from one mamma or two... There's two distinct colours, some are a goldy colour and the others are clear/grey.. Oh and I...
  4. Which pet stores would take some platies?

    Fish Breeding
    I was just wondering which pet stores might take some platies, even if it's only for free. I live in ON, Canada, if that helps... would a PetSmart take them? Also, do you just go in and ask if they'll take your fish, or what? Thanks for any advice Chrissi
  5. Platy fry ready to join the adults?

    Fish Breeding
    I have Seven platy fry, or what I am guessing are Platy fry. They are around a month old. Because I wasn't aware of them until about three weeks ago I think their growth was a little stunted. Since they moved to the hospital tank they seem to be thriving and are now almost a half inch long...