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  1. spawning betta photographs

    Aquarium Photography
    a close up:
  2. Photo Log

    Freshwater Journals
    Here is a little photo log of my 20 gallon since I started it two months ago, it has changed quite a bit. This isn't my first aquarium, but is my first real attempt at live plants (I tried a single one once before many years ago). At first I had mostly plastic plants, but quickly replaced them...
  3. tank with new substrate! etc.

    Freshwater Journals
    a few days ago i finally got gravel for my tank. it looks great but the tank is now a lot darker because light isn't being reflected off the bottom anymore. also, although the amount i got was enough to cover the bottom, it's only about an inch deep which probably isn't enough for the plants i...
  4. new pics of my anabantids :)

    Freshwater Journals
    so i've been taking all these pictures of my new female betta and then i started to feel guilty because i was neglecting the gourami :-( so i borrowed my mum's lovely pentax camera (because it takes waaayy better pictures than my own camera) and went off to photograph both of my fish. lots of...