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    Good evening, everyone. Shipping is $6 for a small flat rate shipping box. Malaysian Snails .10 each Small val (roughly 6 in. tall) $5/3 plants Larger val (10 in. +) $7/3 plants Water sprite $5/3 plants Pennywort $5/3 -6 “ cuttings Water wisteria $5/3 plants Duckweed is free of charge, if...
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    Hi Everyone, Just want to say thanks for all the info on the forum and post some pics of a tank I'm building for my Loaches. The Skinny: 55g long tank, live plants, Eco-Complete, Black Sand, Mountain River Gravel, Coconut Husk mat, Alder Bog logs, Penny Wort, Rotala Wallichi, Parrot Feather...