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  1. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    Hi! So, I’m a little new to fish. I rescued 2 platys from being feeders in a gross turtle tank, one died and I am left with the last one. He had fin rot and is recovering nicely! anyway, I’m hoping to expand my fishtopia and today I went out to my local Petco and bought 2 platys and 1 Molly...
  2. Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    So I have had angels for decades in various tanks but this is new to me. Currently I have a 12x48x24T 59.6 gallon community tank. I have my usual collection of friendly fish. 2 iridescent sharks, 1 rainbow shark, 1 pictus spotted catfish, 4 golden dojo loaches, a small pleco, 2 zebra angels...
1-2 of 2 Results