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pearl gourami

  1. Odd patches on my pearl gourami

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    My female pearl gourami developed strange pale patches on her side and dorsal fin. They don't look like wounds and they aren't fuzzy like fungus... Just lost the colour. She's also got cloudy patches over her eyes and is paler overall. Her tail looks a bit frayed, but I'm fairly certain that's...
  2. Stocking Pearl Gourami?

    Hello I am thinking of getting a 55 gallon tank, with a few pearls and a large school of cory cats at the bottom, but I'm not sure how to stock the pearls. I have heard from a few people that having one male and one female alone can cause problems as the male is a bit aggressive towards her...
  3. Potential 40g Stocking Help

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So after thinking about it, I'll be swapping some of the stock of my tanks around which leaves me with a 40g breeder just about empty to restock. I'd like to keep it pretty understocked, its at my moms house and while I come over to clean it every week, there may be a chance that I wont be able...
  4. What would I need to make my pearl gourami comfortable?

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    My aquarium is 60 gallons has 2 aqueon quietflow 30 gallon filters (up to 45 gallons). It has fake plants has an airpump for up to 80 gallons hooked up to two 4 inch airstones. It is heated, has hiding places, and has 2" of earth tone gravel. So do I need anything else to make them happy? What...