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  1. Growing Algae

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    So I have some Otos, and I've been wanting to grow algae for them, but it's soon becoming winter, and I don't have much sun now. And when I searched online, All I found was "How to get RID of green algea". Does anyone know how to grow algae that I can feed to my otos? Inside?
  2. otocinclus disappearing nose

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    Hello, I'm starting to panic, I have 6 otocinclus and I just noticed that one of them has a clear round bubble on it's nose. Like they are suppose to have slightly pointy noses, but this one has straight flat with this clear bubble. He didn't use to. I'm getting really worried.
  3. How many in a 10 gallon tank.

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Hello, So I have a 10 gallon tank, and I used to have 1 male betta, and 6 Otos. my betta died earlier this year, and I want to make my tank a community tank now. I have some fish in mind, but to not make it a crowded tank, I don't know how many I can put in my tank. I know that the rule of...
  4. HELP! Otos are scraped up :(

    I had 5 otocinclus catfish in a planted 10 gal, it's been cycled and stable for about 4 months now. I wanted it to be mainly an oto tank, so I purchased 5 to start off with and I've had them for a little over a month, and this morning I found one dead :( My tank readings are normal, I do 20-25%...
  5. Cories and Otos dying.

    Freshwater and Tropical Fish
    I have a 55 gallon community tank with gravel substrate. In the past couple of weeks almost all of my otos and cories have died. The water params are normal and all of my other fish are fine. At first I was wondering if it had something to do with the substrate. The cories are always down...
  6. Fish filter frustration

    Freshwater Aquarium Equipment
    Hi now your here, I wonder if you'd take the time to help me make an informed choice. I have a 60ltr aquarium, I intend to have it with plenty of plants as the fish I'm keeping are tetra, otocinclus and possibly a few more, nothing to big. When I bought this tank it was being used as a...
  7. Why did my oto die?

    Hey. I bought an oto about 5 months ago. since the day I bought him he was pretty skinny, but I figure he did not just starve because he lived for so long. Anyway, I have 4 other otos that all gained weight rapidly and are now plump and active. So this one little sickly guy started to develop an...
  8. Otocinclus Paralysis? Help me!

    Tropical Fish Diseases
    1. Size of tank? 20 Gallons 2. Water parameters Will provide later, don't have the numbers on me at the moment and do not have an accurate testing kit either. a. Ammonia? b. Nitrite? c. Nitrate? d. pH, KH and GH? pH = ~7.0 e. Test kit? 3. Temperature? Kept between 77 and 83 usually 4. FW...
  9. Oto Temperatures

    I tried to find the information in the forum and elsewhere but couldn't seem to get this answered. I know that the ideal temperature range for otocinclus catfish stops at 79F, however are they able to tolerate higher temperatures? I have them in a tank that stays at 77F and was wanting to...
  10. New to Oto Cats, trying to get them set up, advice?

    Going on all the good things I've heard about Otos, I bought two. Brought them home, got them set up in a 2.5 gal quarantine tank to keep an eye on them, then raced here to do some back-up research on them. Found they are a bit more maintenance than I had expected! Not having any algae, I have...
  11. Am I overstocked? Suggestions?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I'm making plans to start up a 20 gal long, heavily planted freshwater tank. I'm obsessed with catfish, so here's the list: 6 Sterbai Cory Cats (2.5 inch each) 3 Oto Cats (2 inch max) ...and possibly 1-3 Upsidedown Cats (4 inch max) My main concern regards the Upsidedown Cats. I've read that...
  12. Small fish with my Red Cherry Shrimp

    Freshwater Shrimp
    Hi, What small Tropical Fish Species can I add with my Red Cherry Shrimp? At the moment I have 6 Platys and 6 Otos with 3 Guppy fry. Thanks.
  13. ottos not interested in algae wafers??

    whats the best food for ottos? I have 3 in a ten gal with some rasboras and a snail...
  14. Is my oto chubby, pregnant or sick?

    One of my Oto's has a plump little belly on heralmost exactly like this fish here: I'm not sure if she is a female, but she is bigger than the other one and I believe females are bigger and plumper than males so I am assuming she is a she. She...
  15. Keeping otos and guppies together in the same tank?

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    I'm setting up a 5 gal tank right now for some guppies and otos, just waiting for it to cycle, and I am noticing that the temperature sits at around 25C (between 73-74 degrees F by my thermometer). During the day with the lights on it's usually one to 1.5 degrees higher in temp, and that drops...
  16. How to de-stress fish after an emergency house move

    Beginner Freshwater Aquarium
    Afternoon chaps and chapettes, I have always had an on off relationship with fish and fish tanks, every time I get into the hobby I either lose my job or move house, perhaps this is lifes way of telling me to stop keeping fish :) Anyway... My girlfriends parents had a fish tank that they...
  17. Otocinclus too shy..unlike petstore!!

    My first post in this forum. :) Got 2 otos in my 10gallon cycled tank, with 2 cardinals, 2 neons, 2 ghost shrimps. Ammonia and nitrite levels are well in control, and i do 15% water change once a week. Heater keeps it around 75 F. Live plants (wisteria and micro swords), on gravel bed...
  18. Disappearing Otocinclus

    Does anyone else have a problem with their oto's just up and disappearing? I bought an oto yesterday and he took to hanging in hard to see places. When I arrived at work this morning I didn't see him but added an algae wafer to the tank. Well almost three hours later and I still cannot find him...